The deadpool as it stands...


If we assume that Stiles is right about the values on the dead pool, here are the values and current total:

The “Allison” section has 12 names with total value of $68,250,000

  • Sean Walcott 250 $250,000.00
  • David Walcott 250 $250,000.00 
  • Michael Walcott 250 $250,000.00
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  • lou teasdale: i think ill wear a suit with some hot cleavage for the wedding
  • harry: ....
  • lou: ....
  • harry: ...
  • lou: ....
  • harry: well one of us is gonna have to change
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So we know he knows, and he probably knows we know, but does he know we know he knows? Stiles Stilinski next week about Parrish, probably (via coulsonsangels)

(via justteenwolf)

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